Pregnancy Test Strips, Home Pregnancy Test Kits, 55-Piece Pregnancy Test Strips with Bonus 55-Piece Urine Collection Cups; Quick and Reliable Early Pregnancy Test Detection, Over 99% Accuracy


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Missed a period? A delay in your monthly menstruation can mean many things. It could happen for other reasons aside from pregnancy. A hormonal imbalance or a medical condition could affect your normal schedule. Stress can halt your regular flow. While some women just get late periods, others miss them completely. If you are wondering about your missed period or if you have been trying and are eager to know if you are finally pregnant, you need to get tested. There's no need to rush to the doctor's office since there are DIY tests available for you to do at home. Just make sure that you choose one with a high accuracy rate. Take out the crazy guesswork and get accurate results from MomMed Home Pregnancy Tests! If you want real results fast, we can help you with that. Our pack of 55 pregnancy test strips gives you more than enough opportunities to test yourself until you are sure of the results. We even included 55 urine collections cups, one for each test strip, to make testing more convenient for you. Each strip is safely packaged in a dry, sterile pack. The tip is sensitive enough to pick up HCG levels in urine, ensuring early detection and 99% accuracy in test results. Additional benefits of the MomMed pregnancy test kits: The test strip is very easy to use. The entire test takes just a few minutes to accomplish. You only need to dip the strip for 5 seconds and accurate results will be available in 5 minutes Lightweight and compact. We made sure that the discreet packaging fits easily in your pocket or purse Acquire the peace of mind you deserve. Add the MomMed 55-Piece Home Pregnancy Test Pack to your cart TODAY!

Technical Details

  • MORE HCG TESTS IN ONE PACK - No more frequent trips to the drugstore. Our pack contains 55 sets of home pregnancy test strips. That is twice more than what other brands have to offer.
  • FREE 55 COLLECTION CUPS - We included clean, dry plastic containers to make urine collection a lot easier for you. There is a dedicated cup provided for each pregnancy test kit inside the box.
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE - Collect urine in the cup provided, dip the strip with the arrow pointing down, below the max line. Take it out after 5 seconds, lay it flat, and read results in 5 minutes.
  • SAFE & INDIVIDUALLY PACKED - Each of the pregnancy strips is carefully placed in sealed and sterile packaging. They are lightweight and small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket.
  • CLEAR & ACCURATE RESULTS - These pregnancy test strips are sufficiently sensitive to detect HCG levels, even as low as 25 mIU/ml, in urine. Our test kits have an impressive 99% accuracy rate.

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