Premium Milk Thistle Powder: Organic Liver cleanse and support| Made in U.S.A| USDA Certified


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100% Natural Organic Milk Thistle Seed powder is the only liver cleanse and detox supplement you need Made from all natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients that helps gently cleanse toxins from your liver without significant side effects, our milk thistle seed powder is aptly named Teatox Life. Milk Thistle is known to be naturally rich in Silymarin Silymarin helps healthy liver functioning naturally by not only removing toxins but also blocking harmful toxins from entering the liver. We ask you to respect your body, eat healthy, use a standard exercise regime and couple it with our all natural liver cleanse powder for best results. It is always recommend you go with all natural products. Since whole milk thistle seeds are too hard to bite or consume, we have transformed them into soft powder ready for consumption. It is important to ensure milk thistle are maintained at room temperature to remain from going rancid Milk thistle powder has a mild and pleasant nutty flavor. So it can be sprinkled over meals, salads or can be added to tea or juice blends. There is only as much as the body can be absorb during any given time. So, it is recommended that one consumes milk thistle in small quantities. For everyday use, we recommend 1 tea spoon of milk thistle seed powder, three times a day. You don't need a bad liver to consume milk thistle powder. So why wait? Start now with our limited period low pricing 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - Try our amazing liver detox cleanse milk thistle seed powder and if you are not completely happy, request a refund

Technical Details

  • MADE IN USA WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Our All natural milk thistle seed powder is made right here in USA from 100% certified Organic Milk Thistle Seeds crushed and powdered for easy consumption. Milk thistle is known to be a natural compound supporting healthy liver function.
  • NATURALLY RICH IN SILYMARIN: Milk thistle seeds are naturally rich in flavonoid antioxidant called Silymarin. Silymarin is a bioflavonoid complex and the liver protecting compound present in the seeds that supports the detoxification of the liver organ. It acts as herbal super food by protecting, detoxifying and regenerating the liver, one of the most important organs of the human body. This process inhibits toxins from getting in, blocking them as well as removing them from the body.
  • INCREASE BILE PRODUCTION AND BREAK DOWN FAT: Milk thistle benefits the liver and gall bladder, increasing bile flow and production helpful for the breakdown of excess fat potentially accumulating in the body and liver. Bile is the primary way that cholesterol and fat are eliminated from the body. Milk thistle seed powder acts as a natural laxative with its bile enhancing qualities. It can be a very effective digestive aid especially helpful when consuming rich fatty foods and meals.
  • ANTI INFLAMMATORY AND SKIN HEALTH: Milk thistle is helpful for soothing and reducing inflammation in the body and organs. It also helps to provide nourishment and moisturizer to the skin through its detoxification process by helping clear impurities internally.
  • ALL NATURAL LIVER DETOX: With the level of toxins in our everyday life right from our meal to the air we breathe, healthy liver is a necessity for strong functioning of the body. Milk thistle along with other herbs and teas does exactly this. It detoxifies and protects the liver for healthy life.

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