Presente3D v.1 – Turn your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations into 3D [Download]


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

Make the best visual impact possible with your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Presente3D is an easy to use add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 that allows users to take existing 2D PowerPoint presentations and make them 3D right within Microsoft PowerPoint. 3D Presentations that are created within Microsoft PowerPoint can be viewed on any 3DTV, 3D-enabled Projector or Non-3D display through the use of Anaglyph 3D (Red/Blue) glasses. Ribbon Bar add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013: With Presente3D, you'll be able to add all your 3D effects directly within Microsoft PowerPoint, so you'll not have to learn any new software. It integrate seamlessly into Microsoft PowerPoint's Ribbon Bar. This allows you to quickly and easily create immersive 3D presentations without the need to learn a complex new interface. No Knowledge of 3D is Required: Presente3D allows for simple 3D content creation without any prior experience in creating 3D. By using Microsoft PowerPoint's widely-adopted feature set, Presente3D aides users in making 3D presentations by allowing them to select objects and set pop-out and Pop-in right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. With the same easy to use interface users can add thickness to any object on a slide. So you get 3D presentatiosn in minutes just by adjusting a couple values. Support for all 3DTV's and 3D-enabled projectors: Presente3D is built to support the complete range of 3DTV and 3D-enabled projectors on the market today. Presente3D supports Side-by-side, Above-below, Interlaced, Frame-sequential (quadbuffering). Stereo Image Support Directly in Microsoft PowerPoint: Presente3D enables direct importing of 3D stereo images right your Microsfot PowerPoint presentation, enabling you to easily integrate them into truly compelling slides. Users can take stereo pair images with a regular digital camera. By using the attach stereo pairs, users can add 3D Photos to the PowerPoint presentations.

Technical Details

  • Built directly into Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 Ribbon Bar
  • No Knowledge of 3D Required. Convert your slide to 3D in minutes.
  • Support for all 3DTV's and 3D-enabled Projectors.
  • Support for Non-3D enabled displays through Anaglyph (Red/Blue) Glasses.
  • Add 3D photos directly in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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