Product Key Generator 1.0 for Windows [Download]


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as of 05/13/2021 (Details)

This new product key generator software allows you to generate and manage product keys (aka product license keys, product activation codes, product registration codes) for all your software application products. This easy to use program accepts specific product information for each of your software applications, and then allows you to generate and export product keys for any of your products. The product keys, along with their selected composition and structure, are maintained by the program. You may update any product information or delete any product as needed. System Requirement: Java 6 or higher (free download from Oracle Corporation website)

Technical Details

  • Enter and maintain unlimited software products using specific product information such as product description, name, mnemonic, version or release number, and applicable operating system
  • Select the composition and structure of products keys for any product including alphanumerics, delimiter character, delimiter interval spacing, and appending product specific information to each key
  • Generate small or large quantities of product keys for any product, and generate additional product keys for any product as needed
  • Review the generated product keys for any product prior to exporting the keys by displaying all keys in a show keys window
  • Export the generated product keys for any product to a file that may be saved to a user selected location on your system

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