Project Patio 2.5″ x 5″ Fiberglass Spring Plates for Patio Rocking Chair


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as of 08/19/2022 (Details)

When a patio spring chair rocks too far and risks tipping over backward, it needs a new rocker spring plate or a pair of them. Plates wear with normal use and eventually need replacement; this is common. Replacing them is an easy fix to maintain your furniture. The black finish was added to the spring plate by the manufacturer because it has an ingredient that makes it possible for the furniture manufacturers to powder coat the chair frames after they are assembled. The black finish will hold an electrostatic charge that attracts the powder. You can spray paint the plates with aerosol paint from a local paint or hardware store. You should be able to find an aerosol paint that will come close to matching the original considering most of the spring plate is not exposed. The fiberglass spring plates do not have holes pre-drilled. You will need to use the old spring plate as a template to measure and drill holes to fit your furniture. It is suggested that you use a drill press to make sure the holes are straight.

Technical Details

  • REPLACES your worn out or broken patio furniture rocking chair
  • STRONG replacement fiberglass patio chair part
  • COMPATABLE with many different brands of outdoor furniture. Can be painted to match your finish
  • HOLES NOT PRE-DRILLED - This allows you to make sure the holes line up to your brand of furniture.You will need to use the old spring plate as a template to measure and drill new holes to fit your furniture
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES Two 2.5" x 5" Plates - These parts will fix one complete chair. Jekm Brands is the ONLY authorized seller for the brand Project Patio. If you see another store selling the Project Patio brand it is a fake.

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