ProTecta Automatic Transtreatment 10 Ounce Bottle


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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

For a smoother ride and a longer-lasting transmission select ProTecta synthetic Transmission Treatment. ProTecta will restore friction and anti-shudder control, reduce sludge and formation of deposits, and improve wear protection. With the popularity of the over drive transmission, today's drivers are experiencing transmission torque converter shudder. Torque converter shudder is caused by the transmission boost valve sticking and pre-mature oxidation of friction modifiers in ATF. Protecta keeps working when factory fluids have lost their effectiveness. ProTecta enhances the fluid life with a synthetic formulation for maximum transmission performance. Protect Your Investment! Extend the Life of Your Automatic Transmission. Recommended for use in most all automatic transmissions and 4 x 4 transfer cases. Automatic transmissions normally operate at temperatures of 170-200°F and start up at temperatures as low as -40°F. ATF's must flow easily at low temperatures, be highly resistant to thermal and oxidative degradation at high temperatures, be non-corrosive toward all transmission components, be resistant to foaming and have specialized friction and anti-wear properties. ProTecta utilizes special friction modifiers to provide smooth shifting and protects against heat especially during towing. A lot has changed with the automatic transmission in the last several years. Computer controlled shifting and front wheel drive. OEM's are rapidly turning to installing synthetic ATF in their luxury vehicles. ProTecta with its unique synthetic formulation provides improved protection to meet the demands of today's sophisticated transmissions.

Technical Details

  • Eliminates Torque Converter Shudder
  • Reduces Friction Wear
  • Lowers Operating Temperature
  • Transmission Shifts Like New
  • Frees Sticking Valves

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