Purified OptiMSM in Odor-Free Quick Absorbing Gel 4oz (1) 20% Optimsm Highest Concentration of Any MSM Gel on The Market


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as of 11/28/2022 (Details)

Have You Tried MSM Without Good Results? Here's Why It Didn't Work... Most MSM products are produced using a simple centrifuge method for purification. Unfortunately, this not only won't kill harmful bacteria, but it also removes only a small amount of heavy metals and other contaminants. The result? You're left with a poor-quality product that doesn't work as expected. But Health Solutions' OptiMSM Joint, Muscle and Tissue Support Gel is different. Our high-heat filtering process and quadruple distillation ensure a quality product free from bacteria and 99.9% of heavy metals. It's a difference you're sure to notice. Don't Just Mask The Symptoms Rather than simply hiding the discomfort, MSM helps to reduce pain-causing inflammation so your muscles and joints can begin to recover. As tissues heal, the pain goes away. And with the highest concentration available (nearly twice that of standard creams and lotions), OptiMSM provides fast, lasting relief. Use Health Solutions' MSM gel to help soothe the pain associated with sports injuries, arthritis, overworked muscles, Fibromyalgia and more. --->5-year shelf life for lasting relief any time you need it. --->Food-grade materials with no known drug interactions or allergic reaction - safe to use for almost everyone. --->Distilled four times for maximum purity. Bacteria free and without the heavy metals sometimes found in other brands (even if they tell you otherwise). --->Ideal for sports enthusiasts and others who experience joint or muscle pain. --->Produced in the US to eliminate the impurities and bacteria often present in supplements manufactured overseas. Don't waste your time with inferior creams and lotions. Order Health Solutions' Joint, Muscle and Tissue Support Gel today, and feel the relief.

Technical Details

  • OptiMSM is manufactured in the United States using highly advanced distillation and purification techniques to produce MSM that is truly free of heavy metals & contaminants.
  • Patented gel process increases the MSM concentration to 20% (twice that of any cream or lotion) and uses an advanced aloe vera base for faster absorption.
  • Odor-free gel for use anywhere with no annoying smell. No one will know you're using it, but you will notice the results.
  • Unlike analgesics, OptiMSM Joint, Muscle and Tissue Support Gel doesn't mask the pain, it helps reduce inflammation so your body can heal faster.
  • Promotes healing of overworked muscles and joints due to sports injuries, age-related issues or other causes.

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