Que Lindo Es Puerto Rico


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This year's production is a musical journey through the genres that developed in different regions of the island and are now part of the Puerto Rican culture. We get to experience these genres through the eyes of five friends that go on a road trip around the island during the Christmas holidays. They go to concerts, parrandas, family gatherings, a New Years celebration and get to enjoy performances by some of the great Puerto Rican artists such as Ismael Miranda, Andy Montanez, Millo Torres, Melina Leon, Michael Stuart, Kany Garcia, Pedro Capo, Sie7e, as well as up and coming artists like Pirulo y la Tribu, Michelle Brava, Manolo Ramos, Indigo and some traditional groups of the holiday season such as Tuna Bardos. The visuals of the island in this years production will surely spark the fervor of every Puerto Rican.

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