Ranger Design.Fold-Away shelf tray with gas shocks and hardware, 21″d x 72″w

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Ranger Design.Fold-Away shelf tray with gas shocks and hardware, 21"d x 72"w Composition : Aluminum Application : Interior Vehicles: 10 Foot Cube Van, Econoline Regular Wheelbase, 14 Foot Cargo Trailer, 10 Foot Cargo Trailer, NV Standard Roof, 14 Foot Cube Van, Sprinter Reg 144" WB/Low Roof, ProMaster Short 118" WB/Low Roof, Savana/Express Regular Wheelbase, Transit Reg 130" WB/Low Roof, NV High Roof, Transit Reg 130" WB/Med Roof, Econoline Ext Wheelbase, ProMaster Med 136" WB/High Roof, Sprinter Reg 144" WB/High Roof, Savana/Express Ext Wheelbase, ProMaster Med 136" WB/Low Roof, Transit Long 148" WB/Low Roof, Sprinter Long 170" WB/High Roof, ProMaster Long 159" WB/High Roof, Sprinter Long Ext 170" WB/High Roof, Transit Long 148" WB/Med Roof, ProMaster Long Ext 159" WB/High Roof, Transit Long 148" WB/High Roof, Transit Long EL 148" WB/High Roof, Ford Transit, Ford Econoline, Ram ProMaster, Nissan NV, Mercedes Sprinter, GMC Savana / Chevy Express, Cube Van, Enclosed Trailer

Technical Details

  • Shelf tray for Fold-Away system, with gas shocks and hardware, 21?d x 72?w. Top 5 Advantages of Ranger Foldable Van Shelving - Silent, Adjustable, Rounded corners for safety, Optional cargo rail, Light weight
  • Composition : Aluminum Application : Interior
  • Ranger's Fold-Away foldable van shelving system is unique in the industry; it combines the strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base, to give a folding shelf tray that is strong and very quiet. The Fold-Away advantage comes in its versatility.
  • Go from having a van full of shelving to an empty van, ready to haul a pallet or some other bulky item in just minutes. Not only do the gas shock assisted shelves mean that there are no frustrating latches, but also the foldable shelves stay up or down. They are held in the up or down position firmly and cannot rattle.

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