Raymarine i70 System Pack, Wind, Depth, Speed


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as of 01/18/2022 (Details)

Raymarine i70 Sailing System Pack, Wind, Depth, Speedi70 Multi Display E22172Incredible Versatility and VisibilityThe stylish new i70 delivers a big screen view in a small package, simplepersonalization and superb visibility from anywhere onboard.Features overviewDigital and graphical data views of wind, depth, speed, AIS targets,engine, fuel, and GPS navigation4" oversized ultra bright sunlight viewable color display with LEDBacklighting30% larger than previous generation instruments displaysVery low power consumption: 150mA / 1.6W typicalConsumes 27% less power than previous generation color instrumentsEasy-to-install using a simple circular, hole saw cutiTC5 Transducer Converter E70010The iTC5 Instrument Transducer Converter enables the use of common analogtransducer signals with new digital instrument displays like Raymarine's i70and ST70 Plus. The ultra-compact iTC5 has connections to host the five mostcommon analog transducers; depth, speed/temperature, wind, compass andrudder. The iTC5 instantly converts these 5 analog signals to digitalSeaTalkng protocol.In addition to providing analog-to-digital conversion, the iTC5 provides allof the necessary power and communications connections to the transducers.This greatly simplifies the installation of new systems, and also provides asimple and cost-effective means for owners of older analog instrumentdisplays to upgrade to the latest digital display technology. The iTC5eliminates the need for expensive "smart" transducers or individualinstrument pods. Complete control for calibration and alarms is performedthrough the i70 or ST70 Plus instruments.The iTC5 connects to Raymarine's SeaTalkng

Technical Details

  • Digital/Analog NONE
  • Load Equivalence # (LEN) NONE
  • Screen Size NONE
  • Shape NONE
  • Transducer Type NONE

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