Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Classic (Jewel Case)

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Bounce around with Reader Rabbit& learn important Kindergarten skillsProduct InformationPut on your jumping shoes and bounce your way through this FUNtastic learningadventure with Reader Rabbit!  Filled with colorful characters and exciting places Balloon Town is more funthan you can imagine. There's just one problem - the Dreamship is trapped in thePointy Palace! Use the skills you have and learn more along the way as you play your waythrough 8 different activities in phonics matching rhyming math and more!From collecting musical instruments to sorting balloons at the post office eachactivity gets you closer to finding the Dreamship!Skills LearnedLearning Creations activities provide extra fun for curious minds!This imagination workshop encourages children to exercise their creative skillsand design one-of-a-kind masterpieces. These lively and colorful activitiesbalance logical thinking with creative exploration in art music and more!Discover a core skill in Reader Rabbit Kindergarten! Recognizing numbers Counting objects Adding Creating equivalent equations Solving math problems Recognizing letters Building vocabulary Developing phonic skills Identifying rhyming words Following oral directions Listening prehension Sequencing Using clues to plete rhymes Sorting by attributes Extending patterns using shapes Distinguishing between shapes Distinguishing between colors Painting/Coloring Learning about calendars Creating musicProduct Features Bounce through 8 fun activities - ocoon Balloon Patterns Snail Mail Sorting Oyster Memory Matching Bounceketball Dunk 'n Rhyme Bubble Wrapper Reading Piggy Plane Math and Silly Phonics Slide! Enjoy 2 ways to play! Start your learning adventure through a fun-filled story or choose specific skills to practice. Play at the right skill level every time - activities automatically adjust to your child or you can set

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