Real Fyre 24-inch White Birch Vented Gas Logs Bundled with G45 Burner Kit (Natural Gas)

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These hand painted originals, modeled from real world samples, add a touch of elegance to your home. The quality and design of the Real-Fyre Designer Series capture the realism, texture and subtle nuance of nature's handiwork. G45 burner kit includes Custom Grate, Glowing Embers, Sand for NG, Flex Connector Kit, Burner Clips and Damper Clamp. It produces the same realistic flames and natural look you would expect, but with a unique improvement. The Triple T features a T-shaped burner that emphasizes its front embers, giving them an even greater dramatic effect, and adds depth to its flames. This unique design also maximizes the warmth you get from your gas logs by bringing the flames closer to your fireplace opening. This is a vented gas log burner that must be installed in a fully vented wood burning fireplace. With vented gas logs, you'll enjoy a large, realistic-looking flame that operates with an open chimney flue, or damper. Vented Gas Log sets, which simulate a wood-burning fire, are the most realistic type of gas logs but, just like real fires, lose some of the generated heat up the chimney. Professional installation is recommended.

Technical Details

  • Superior refractory ceramics ensure the logs retain their strength at high temperatures
  • Burns efficiently while protecting natural resources and reducing pollution
  • High definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look
  • Steel rods inserted in each log provides maximum reinforcement
  • White Birch 24-inch & G45 Burner Kit (Natural Gas)

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