Red Line (50204) SAE 75W80 API GL-4 Manual Transmission and Transaxle Lubricant – 1 Quart


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as of 05/22/2022 (Details)

Manual transmission gear lube 70W80 GL-4 that offers quicker shifts, improved coefficient of friction, and better gear protection. Also offers better cold shifting and works with high and low mileage vehicles.

Technical Details

  • Less slippery low sulfur formula compatible with brass synchronizers
  • Stable at high temperatures in performance applications
  • Also available as higher viscosity like MT-85 and MT-90
  • Satisfies gear oil viscosity requirements of 70W; 75W; 80W; SAE 30 5W30 10W30 motor oil
  • Popular in Acura and Honda; BMW; Ford; Dodge and Jeep

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