Refill Rollers for Care me Callus Remover – Fit Battery-Operated CM-101 & Rechargeable CM-201 Models – Two Super Coarse Roller designed for Tough & Rough Calluses – pack of 2


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as of 10/25/2021 (Details)

Order a Care me Callus Remover along with the Replacement Rollers for a FREE shipping! • Contains a pack 2 rollers: Two Super Coarse Roller for rough & tough calluses. One pack fits all your needs. They are compatible with Care me CM-101 Battery-Operated Callus Remover and CM-201 Rechargeable Callus Remover. • Replacing your rollers on a regular basis to ensure that your callus remover work effectively as possible for best results. • Simply place a new roller into the unit until it clicks and check the unit to ensure the roller is securely installed. How to Save Money on Refill Rollers? The life of the roller is determined by the quality of the materials and its size. At Care me, product quality is our life and blood. Our roller is bigger than other brands and its premium quality made it durable. The total savings add up over the life the product.

Technical Details

  • Premium Quality Mineral Materials to make the rollers Durable and Last Longer than any other brands.
  • Genuine Care me rollers and Guaranteed to Work as well as original rollers. Compatible with Care me Battery-Operated CM-101 and Rechargeable CM-201 models.
  • If you prefer to have Super Coarse Rollers to tackle the tough calluses, this is your choice - Two Super Coarse Rollers effectively buff away hard and callused skin on the heel or feet.
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