Registry’s Secrets (The Mengliad) (Volume 2)

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If Jessica thought becoming a Mengliad was difficult, she's even less prepared for life under the Registry's control. With their endless restrictions and constant scrutiny, captivity is nearly unbearable. The only saving grace is her growing bond with Craddock Daniels, with whom she shares this confinement. What Craddock wants most is Jessica's happiness, and so he keeps certain truths from her, clinging to the hope that their imagined future together might still be possible. But even Craddock is shocked to learn that not everything is as it seems. It is much, much worse. On the run again, joined by old and new friends, Jessica and Craddock try to reclaim their freedom by taking on the Mengliad community's most powerful agency. Registry's Secrets, Book Two of The Mengliad Series

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