Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form


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In 1993, Scott McCloud tore down the wall between high and low culture with the acclaimed international hit Understanding Comics, a massive comic book that explored the inner workings of the worlds most misunderstood art form. Now, McCloud takes comics to the next level, charting twelve different revolutions in how comics are created, read, and perceived today, and how they're poised to conquer the new millennium.Part One of this fascinating and in-depth book includes:The life of comics as an art form and as literatureThe battle for creators' rightsReinventing the business of comicsThe volatile and shifting public perceptions of comicsSexual and ethnic representation on comicsThen in Part Two, McCloud paints a breathtaking picture of comics' digital revolutions, including:The intricacies of digital productionThe exploding world of online deliveryThe ultimate challenges of the infinite digital canvas

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