Replacement Keyboard for HP Pavilion 15-e000 15-e100 15-n000 15-n100 15-n200 15-n300 Series Laptop Black With Frame


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as of 01/27/2022 (Details)

Compatible Models: Pavilion 15-e000 15-e100 Series 15-e010us, 15-e011nr, 15-e012nr, 15-e013nr, 15-e014nr, 15-e015nr, 15-e016nr, 15-e016wm, 15-e018nr, 15-e020ca, 15-e020nr, 15-e020us, 15-e021nr, 15-e027ca, 15-e027cl, 15-e028us, 15-e030wm, 15-e033ca, 15-e037cl, 15-e039nr, 15-e040ca, 15-e041ca, 15-e043cl, 15-e049ca, 15-e051xx, 15-e053ca, 15-e061nr, 15-e062nr, 15-e063nr, 15-e064nr, 15-e065nr, 15-e066nr, 15-e067nr, 15-e068nr, 15-e071nr, 15-e072nr, 15-e073ca, 15-e073nr, 15-e074nr, 15-e075nr, 15-e076nr, 15-e077nr, 15-e078nr, 15-e084ca, 15-e085nr, 15-e086nr, 15-e087nr, 15-e088nr, 15-e089nr, 15-e099ca, 15-e186nr, 15-e187nr ect. Pavilion 15-n000 15-n100 15-n200 15-n300 Series 15-n010us, 15-n012nr, 15-n013ca, 15-n014nr, 15-n019wm, 15-n020ca, 15-n020nr, 15-n028us, 15-n030ca, 15-n030us, 15-n033ca, 15-n034ca, 15-n048ca, 15-n048nr, 15-n060ca, 15-n060nr, 15-n064nr, 15-n065nr, 15-n066us, 15-n067nr, 15-n069nr, 15-n084ca, 15-n089nr, 15-n093nr, 15-n096nr, 15-n097nr, 15-n151xx, 15-n200nr, 15-n201nr, 15-n202nr, 15-n203nr, 15-n204nr, 15-n205nr, 15-n206nr, 15-n207cl, 15-n207nr, 15-n208nr, 15-n209nr, 15-n210dx, 15-n210nr, 15-n210us, 15-n211dx, 15-n211nr, 15-n212nr, 15-n213ca, 15-n213nr, 15-n214nr, 15-n215nr, 15-n216us, 15-n217nr, 15-n218nr, 15-n219nr, 15-n220ca, 15-n220nr, 15-n220us, 15-n221nr, 15-n222nr, 15-n223nr, 15-n225nr, 15-n226nr, 15-n227nr, 15-n228nr, 15-n228us, 15-n229nr, 15-n230ca, 15-n230nr, 15-n230us, 15-n232nr, 15-n233ca, 15-n235nr, 15-n236nr, 15-n237nr, 15-n238nr, 15-n239ca, 15-n239nr, 15-n240nr, 15-n240us, 15-n241ca, 15-n241nr, 15-n242nr, 15-n243cl, 15-n243nr, 15-n245nr, 15-n250ca, 15-n250nr, 15-n251nr, 15-n253nr, 15-n254nr, 15-n257nr, 15-n258nr, 15-n259nr, 15-n260nr, 15-n260us, 15-n261nr, 15-n262nr, 15-n263nr, 15-n264nr, 15-n265nr, 15-n266nr, 15-n267ca, 15-n267nr, 15-n268nr, 15-n269nr, 15-n270nr, 15-n271nr, 15-n272nr, 15-n274ca, 15-n277nr, 15-n278nr, 15-n279nr, 15-n280nr, 15-n280us, 15-n281nr, 15-n283nr, 15-n284ca, 15-n284nr, 15-n285nr ect.

Technical Details

  • 100% replacement and high quality
  • Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working
  • Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard
  • Color: Black. Layout: US Layout
  • Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard, make sure the laptop model and keyboard is the right one you need.

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