Rock Climbing: The Ultimate Guide (Greenwood Guides to Extreme Sports)

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Rock Climbing: The Ultimate Guide covers the history of rock climbing in the United States from its origins to the present day, documenting the importance and vitality of the popular sport. The chapters address topics such as the technicalities of the equipment and clothing, training methods, key places and events where the sport takes place, the different types of rock that climbers challenge themselves on, past and present rock climbing heroes who inspire today's climbers, and the evolution of the sport over the years—for example, in terms of climbers' sporting achievements and its growing global appeal. The book also covers the sport from an unprecedented perspective that only the author—an experienced climber and social scientist—could provide, discussing the meaning of extreme sports in our culture, issues of gender, why climbing can serve an individual focused on personal achievement and satisfy those seeking to be part of a community, and how climbers come to terms with the inherent risks of the sport.

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