Ruin Everything


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We versus the shark has already built a well-deserved reputation for attacking the stylistic boundaries that have fenced in less brave indie artists. Objectively though, having genre-hopping influences and a creativity-first ideology is not necessarily a unique notion amongst the independent rock community at large. What makes we versus the shark unique is their commitment to reigning this diverse palette of influences into a completely coherent, immediately identifiable vision that hits as well on the dance floor as it does under critical intense listening. "ruin everything!" which is their debut full length was recorded to analog tape in 2004. We versus the shark provide the listener with heavy rock riffs, disco’ed out rhythms, odd time, abrasive synths, harsh screams and airy counterpoint which all leave their indelible footprint by track three. Textured arrangements, complete with percussive breaks, handclaps, foot stomps, and three very distinctive vocalists make listening a near contact sport as the explosive energies of the group pound the listener to near exhaustion before darting forward in refreshing, unanticipated directions.

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