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As parents, we only want the best for our children. By feeding them homemade baby food, we are not only giving them the most delicious and nutritious food-we are laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices. You don't need to be a chef, have al lot of time on your hands, or a kitchen full of fancy equipment to make your own baby food-in fact you'll be shocked at how fun and easy it is with Sage Spoonfuls system. By spending just 1 hour every 2 weeks, you can have a freezer stocked with healthy and delicious baby food. Instead of going to the store to buy baby food, you can simply "go shopping" in your freezer. You won't find time-consuming or fancy recipes in the book. What you will find are easy-to-prepare whole foods that are delicious on their own or mixed together to make endless yummy combinations. By keeping it simple, you keep it easy. There are even a number of purees that can be whipped up in seconds. The kits immersion blender/food processor make it easy, and the 4oz storage jars are freezer and dishwasher safe. The idea for Sage Spoonfuls was born when company founder, Liza Huber, had her first baby. She searched high and low and could not find homemade baby food products that offered ease of use, convenience, and quality she was looking for. One that had the same convenience as store-bought, but the enormous benefits of homemade.

Technical Details

  • Make the most delicious and nutritious food for your baby--laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices
  • Fun and easy In less than 30 minutes, make and stock your freezer with 2 weeks of yummy food. And, most foods stay fresh in frig for 3 days and up to 3 months in the freezer.
  • Guides you through every step and gives you all the tools needed, so you won't feel intimidated. Even if you have never cooked You'll be making yummy food with real, fresh foods, such as carrots, sweet potato, avocado and so much more
  • Includes: Immersion blender/food processor, Sage Spoonful's 227pg recipe and guide book, 6 4oz BPA/phalate free storage jars with screw on lids, Sage Spoonful's pocket guide. If bought separately, this is over an $80 sugg retail value
  • Created and written by Liza Huber, who wanted a convenient, quality homemade baby food system after her first child was born. Follow SageSpoonfuls for lots of new recipes for baby and growing family

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