Sam Mangwana Sings Dino Vangu

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This CD hails the return of the Congolese rumba by one of the great veteran singers of the genre. Sam Mangwana, who has sung with such giant figures of Congolese music as Franco and Tabu Ley Rochereau, revives a style that has fallen out of fashion--and it makes for glorious listening. With songs penned by guitarist Dino Vangu, whose career started with Mangwana many years ago, Mangwana sings in his best voice yet while the band behind gives Vangu, who also plays on the album, plenty of space to solo on the sebene (instrumental break). He does so, sometimes experimentally, sometimes in cascading waterfalls of notes. It's a perfect pairing and a powerful reminder that outstanding Congolese rumba, in songs like "Marie Kembo" and "Ibrahim," remains timeless. --Chris Nickson

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