Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD-VCR Combo


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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

Combine the best of two worlds of video into one component--and save space--with the Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD-VCR Combo. You can even watch a DVD while simultaneously recording a TV program to the VCR. The DVD features include component-video out and dual laser pick-up system, while the VCR side features 4 heads, hi-fi stereo, 400x speed rewind, and front A/V input jacks for downloading video from a camcorder. You can also use the Samsung DVD-V1000's DVD player to play back audio CDs as well as CD-R discs that you burn from your PC with MP3 audio files. It's also compatible with VCDs. DVD features: 10-bit video digital to analog converter and 27MHz advanced digital filter Playback of 96KHz/24-bit sources DTS digital output for DTS-enhanced DVDs Continued audio during 2x speed playback VCR features: Playback of S-VHS tapes at better-than-standard resolution. 16-event/1-year timer recording Time-remaining counter, real-time counter Overall system features: Composite, S-Video, and component-video outputs for high connectivity and optimum performance RF inputs and outputs for connection to all TVs--new or old Records from DVD to VHS (unless DVD is copy protected with Macrovision) English/French/Spanish onscreen programming Remote controls both DVD and VCR decks Tech Talk Four-head VCR: A VCR requires two video heads to record a picture. With four heads, a VCR can perform special effects like slow motion and freeze frame, and it is optimized for recording and playback in both the SP (2-hour) and SLP (6-hour) modes. You'll also get a better picture from rental videos with a four-head VCR. Hi-fi VHS: The standard VHX format with Dolby Surround Pro-Logic encoded in the stereo audio channels, which produces near-CD-quality sound. You'll need an A/V receiver with Dolby Surround Pro-Logic decoding to take full advantage of this feature. VCD: Video CD (VCD) is a video standard that can store audio and video to a compact disc (rather than a DVD disc) using MPEG-1 compression. You can fit up to 74 minutes of video with audio onto a VCD-formatted CD, but you can expect the video quality to be similar to that of a VHS videotape. What's in the Box Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD/VCR combo, remote control with two AA batteries, RCA cable for audio/video connection, RF (radio frequency) antenna, and user's manual.

Technical Details

  • DVD player and 4-head VCR, compatible with S-VHS, VCDs, CD-R, and MP3 audio
  • 400x speed rewind; 16-event/1-year timer recording; records non-copy-protected DVD to VHS
  • Component-video, composite-video, and S-video outputs offer optimal connection with compatible DVD player
  • Virtual surround sound simulates 5-speaker sound using only 2 speakers; DTS digital output for DTS-enhanced DVDs
  • Measures 17 x 4 x 14.3 inches (W x H x D)

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