Samsung DVDV5500 DVD/VCR Combination Dual Deck


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as of 01/23/2022 (Details)

Enjoy the convenience of watching your favorite DVD movies while maintaining your investment in all those VHS tapes you recorded in the past. It's also great if you want to rent and play a VHS tape that hasn't come out on DVD yet. The player plays DVD video discs but also has a wide range of audio play from various CD formats, including CD-R or CD-RW that have recorded MP3 music tracks. Yes, if you connect this deck to your home stereo or home-theater system, you can enjoy superior sound performance from CD and DVD formats. You can also view pictures on PhotoCD and JPEG CD formats, when connected to a TV. It also has a built-in NTSC tuner so you can record your favorite programs off TV - while watching a DVD. Now that's cool! Unit Dimensions - 17W x 3H x 9.4D inches / Weight - 7.5 Lbs. 110-120 Volts AC power cordTime remaining counter, real time counter.

Technical Details

  • Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
  • High-quality slow motion and stop action (with 4 heads) and Quasi-Playback of S-VHS tapes with a better than standard resolution
  • INTRO Scan, Zero Return, and END Search
  • 7-event/1 month timer recording

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