Samsung New Concept in Digital Door Lock SHS-P717LMK/EN Push Pull, Two Way Latch Mortise ENGLISH VERSION

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Most convenient way to operate doors, The Push Pull Innovation. Push from outside Pull from inside With the Push Pull's design advancement, provides more convenience in everyday door operations. Push and Pull innovation opens a new way to operate residential doors ever more comfortable and convenient. Welcome feature for Users The equipped IR sensor automatically activates the Welcome Feature, once the sensor detects any motions within the range of 70cm. Locking Notification Feature The door dock automatically notifies their status on the touch panel, displaying messages like 'Locked' and 'Unlocked', which adds value to the daily usage experiences. Manner Mode for a quiet night outings Any consumers wishing for a night outings without having to wake other family members like children and babies, the Manner Mode feature is the solution, where it temporarily blocks door operational sounds. ※ Before entering the password press [*] button, the Manner Mode will be activated to eliminate any digital sounds for the door operation(password keying sounds, voice messages etc.) temporarily. Securing door management with robust dual structure The doorlock equipped with dual protection of robust structures and anti-hacking solution. The robust structure is formed by consolidating both handle and main body producing more solid performance, the anti-hacking solution added with password and encryption, which prevents any forced external intrusion to maximize user safety. With a simple One Touch of 'Home Shape' button, users could provide against any external intrusion while outings. Globally approved technology and quality of Samsung With globally approved Samsung's quality and reliability validation, Push Pull owns 14 cases (inc. 3 international) of patent application. Also, with 'Two Way Latch Mortise', overall door operations has improved. Please check the mortise picture before purchase SHS-P718LBK/EN Mortise - AML320

Technical Details

  • [User access code] 4-12 digit number combination, capacit : 10
  • [RF ID] ISO 14443A type(13.56MHz), capacity : 20 (Works with any Samsung key tags, or cards.)
  • [Door thickness] 38-80mm [Morise] AML220
  • [Power] DC 6V (AA Alkaline Bateries) X8
  • [Size] Outer body : 85mm(W)×346.5(H)×61mm, Inner body : 86mm(W)×354.8mm(H)×63mm, PUSH FROM OUTSIDE PULL FROM INSIDE

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