Samsung (TWO) EO-EG900BW White Headsets Earphone 3.5mm Jack + 2 Set of Ear Gel S,M,L – Wired Headsets – Non-Retail Packaging – White


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as of 05/17/2021 (Details)

The Samsung EO-EG900BW headset will work with all Samsung phones that have a 3.5mm port. This is the exact same headset that ships standard with the Galaxy S5 model. Now you can enjoy your music in stereo and have hands free conversations. Each earbud contains an 8 mm tweeter and 10 mm subwoofer. This dual speaker design delivers amazing sound quality. This headset is lightweight and features an inline controller. The controller features mic, buttons for volume up/down and button for answer/end. The headset has two earbuds for right/left ears. If you are listening to music on your phone and have a incoming call you will hear the ring through the headphones and can switch to the conversation by pressing the button. The earbuds are made of soft/comfortable clear silicone material The clear ear gels are the best because they are less likely to show messy "ear grime." Medium sized ear gels are preinstalled. Extra ear gels (small and large) are also included in the package so you can customize your fit. Get more for your money and minimize the number of things you have to carry with this combination mobile headset and stereo headphones. The durable, break-resistant cord is designed to last....and with a handy Push-to-Answer Button right on the cord, you won't even have to touch the phone to answer a call. Cord is four feet in length. The cords for right and left ears are equal length. Samsung Part Numbers: EO-EG900BW

Technical Details

  • 2 Pack of Samsung S5/Note 3 Original Stereo Headset
  • Premium Stereo Sound Technology
  • Cable Length 1.2 Meters
  • Designed specifically for your Samsung S5
  • Extra eggless included

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