Sand Dipper Jr – Long Handle Back Saver Hygienic Cat Litter Scoop


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as of 06/07/2023 (Details)

SAVES LITTER and TIME Pays for itself with the litter you don't throw away. ¼ inch metal sieve pores means you quickly sieve thru the litter box and collect the bad but leave the good litter. STRONG and WELL BUILT Not all kitty scoopers are alike. This is built with strong rust resistant steel and a good mesh size for quickly sifting litter. TOUGH METAL MATERIALS It costs more to make a metal kitty litter scoop, but it is worth the results. It quickly sifts the litter, saves the good litter. And guess what, since it is metal and not plastic, no static litter dust is stuck to the scoop. Perfect for Most Cat households This is a great scoop which is great for most cat households based on reviews. It is not the largest scoop, and it has a round shape, but most folks love it for making quick scooping easy. GREAT WARRANTY One-Year No questions asked replace or refund policy.

Technical Details

  • Long Handle - prevents inhalation of harmful dust and provides a more hygienic litter disposal experience at 'arms length'.
  • Did we mention the Long Handle - over 27" reach - this means less bending and less back strain
  • Rugged stainless steel basket sifts and lifts clumps easily with no static dust buildup.
  • Superior Quality Materials Mean Long Life - Marine grade stainless steel basket, lightweight aluminum ski pole technology, and secure handle with wrist loop for easy hanging.
  • One year warranty. When was the last time you bought a kitty litter scoop with a warranty.

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