Satellite Finder Meter For Directv


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as of 10/15/2021 (Details)

Easily locate your satellite signal. Connects to your digital satellite line to easily calibrate the optimum signal. SF-95 is a satellite finder that helps to make precise dish set-up easily. Its ultimate sensitivity will indicate 0.2 dB level difference in 950 to 2050MHz. SF-95 is miniature (3.03" x 2.36" x 1.10") and light weight (95 gm). Now with H/V and 22KHz indicators. SF-95: Iindicator lights for verifiying that your receiver is set to Horizontal or Vertical polarity and if 22KHz tone is on or off. Green H/V light indicates Vertical Polarity. Red H/V light indicates Horizontal Polarity. Red 22KHz light indicates 22KHz is ON. When aligning a C-band dish do not use your meter in front of the dish to avoid full scale readings. When connecting to a LNBF with gain higher than 65dB, insert a 5dB attenuator between the meter and the LNBF. If a attenuator is not available you may use a long coax (60 feet or more) between the meter and the LNBF. If the meter needle is jumping the sensitivity is too high. Adjust the S.A. level on the back of the meter by punching through the label where marked. Be very careful not to damage the adjustment by turning it too far or too hard.

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