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What has shaped our future in the last 100+ years? Each decade has a tale to tell. inventions, music, faces & places. Fads & Doodads has it all. This carefully researched pop-culture series has designs for each era. - When was the cheeseburger invented? How about Oreo Cookies & Bubble Gum? When did Tacos become mainstream? What did shoes look like in the 30’s…and how about those 80's platform shoes! Who can forget Elvis in the 50’s & the Beatles in the 60’s! - Remember the red & black checkered style of the 50’s, tie-dye in the 60’s, paisley designs in the 70’s, and the mind-blowing colors in the 80’s? - Who influenced our world? Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elvis, The Beatles & Picasso. When were sliced bread, Jello, T-Shirts & Ballpoint pens invented? - With just the click of a mouse, add a century of designs & tag collages to scrapbook pages, family trees, rubberstamping, paper crafts, cards, and handcrafted quilts. Put the designs on invitations, name badges, frames, stationery, decor, decoupage, totes, fashions, etc. Create posters, newsletters, and use them for handcrafted projects to sell. And yes, use them on your website! See our Angel Policy for details. - Contains 617 high-resolution Jpeg & Microsoft Word files in full-color and sepia-tone designs. Print in black and white if you want to add your own colors. Jpegs are resizable to customize projects. All designs print on any 8 ½" x 11" paper, cardstock, or printable fabric sheets. Handy package shows each design. For ages 7 & up. There are 175+ vintage or original illustration collections available that would make wonderful additions to your creative library. - For personal use only. Contact us for commercial use. - Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista/Windows7 - Microsoft Word 97 or higher.

Technical Details

  • Designs inspired by 100 years of Popular culture
  • 617 high-resolution Jpeg designs & 617 Microsoft Word Files
  • All designs come in full-color and sepia-tone
  • For all kinds of projects: scrapbook pages, paper crafts, gift tags, cards, stationery, décor, decoupage, totes, fashions, party invitations, etc
  • Requires compatible Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF viewers

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