Set of 2 Pet Food Covers, Colors Vary, 1-Pack (2 Covers in Total)

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Every time you open a new can of food for your dog, you may not use it all at once. You don't want to leave it sitting out without some sort of protection but you keep trying ways to seal it. Plastic wrap doesn't get the grip you want. A baggie is a waste and has to be thrown away. You need a solution that doesn't waste money and keeps your food fresh. Available in two different colors, these tops help to keep food fresh between feedings to prevent your dog from getting sick or worse. With the grip around the edge of the lid, it keeps your food from spilling out or anything else from getting in. Add these lids to your dog's food supply and make his food stay fresh for longer.

Technical Details

  • COLORS VARY: You will receive a randomly chosen color with this order.
  • FITS TWO SIZES: The inner and outer rims each fit the standard sizes for canned dog food to preserve your food till the next day or whenever your pooch is ready for a meal.
  • MADE OF PLASTIC: With this durable material, the lids are reusable and can handle multiple washings to keep clean.
  • SET OF TWO: Each package comes with two lids to handle multiple cans of food at a time.
  • CAN ALSO BE USED FOR CAT FOOD: Since it accommodates smaller and larger cans, those with cats can also seal in the moisture and freshness without letting your refrigerator smell like the food your pets are eating.

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