Sewell Direct SW-22050 PC to TV Converter

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Works with virtually any computer and any television! If you need an HD picture please see our VGA to HDMI converter. Connecting your TV to your PC is easy with this converter. In other words you can plug one end of this adapter into your computer and the other end into your television (works with your TV's composite port, yellow RCA, or S-Video port). How This Adapter Works Setting up this adapter takes less than a minute with zero software or driver installations. Simply connect your computer's VGA port to the adapter using the included VGA cable, and connect the yellow RCA composite port on the adapter to your TV with the included RCA cable (this converter also comes with an S-Video cable if you prefer that port). The converter sits near your PC and gets its power from your PC's USB port through an included USB-to-5V-power-tip cable. This converter takes advantage of the power current coming from your PC so as not to require an additional power outlet. You can use your PC speakers, or you can get a 3.5mm to RCA audio cable to run sound to your TV. You might be wondering why you need an active converter such as this box as opposed to a simple passive VGA to composite cable. The answer is that VGA and composite video are two completely different formats requiring the use of an active conversion. This means that the picture that comes out of the converter is going to be slightly different than the picture that came in. See this detailed article that includes screenshots and comparisons for this converter.

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