Shamanic Journey Drumming: Spirit Passages


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Album Description Consciousness-altering rhythms for shamanic journeying, meditation or dreaming. This recording has been digitally recorded and mastered to produce the richest acoustic depth and full tonal range necessary to alter consciousness for the purpose of making shamanic journeys. The type of insistent, rapid drumming found on this recording can provide support for shifting consciousness. When shamans journey to the spirit realm, they enter a trance-like state of consciousness. In this trance state, the brain generates theta waves which are characterized by a 4 cycle-per-minute pattern. Research into altered states have determined that the deepest states of shamanic consciousness may be accessed by listening to rhythmic drumming of 4-beats-per-second because these rhythms replicate the natural theta state. Step-by-step instructions for making successful shamanic journeys, using this method, are explained in Evelyn C. Rysdyk’s book, Modern Shamanic Living. (It is strongly suggested that persons with no prior journey experience read this book first!) The sonic-supported journey technique, pioneered by anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner, provides an opportunity for ordinary people to access the realms of spirit in a very safe manner. For best results, listen to this recording while wearing headphones. To make shorter journeys than the full CD length, skip to the call-back track when you feel ready to return.

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