Shea Terra Ghassool Moroccan Lava Clay 9 oz.

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100% Natural. Purify, detoxify and even heal cracks and small wounds with pure Moroccan ghassool in its most active form. 8 oz. Millions of years ago, deep within the steep Atlas Mountains of Morocco, developed a unique form of clay high in skin healing silica and detoxifying minerals. The clay forms a dry, cake like mud river where it is collected in chip form. This chip form is in its most active form. Ghasool in its powdered form has been heated and micronized, losing some of its healing powers. Unlike other clays found the world round, ghasool clay not only purifies the skin but heals and softens as well. After washing off the paste skin is found to be silky soft, noticably softer than before application. The clays high silica content actually helps cracked feet to heal and acne to quickly vanish. Tammie has been providing her clients with quality ghassool for almost a decade. On her trip to Morocco in 2009 she decided to purchase ghassool in its original, unprocessed form. She had clumps of it from years ago but never used it, so she was amazed by her findings and wished she had tried the clumps she had kept for client education. She used the more active chips on an acne spot that would not go away for weeks. Astonishingly, the acne healed and dissappeared in less than 24 hours despite the fact she was now traveling with eleven children in Egypt and extremely ill. She has since used the clay in its most active form for a variety of reasons, always with unbelievable results.

Technical Details

  • 8 oz
  • helps prevent and heal acne
  • helps prevent and heal cracks
  • all natural purification and detox

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