Showdown at Shadow Junction (Big ‘D’ Dads: The Daltons)

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FAILURE ISN'T AN OPTION FOR THIS NAVY SEAL IN JOANNA WAYNE'S LATEST BIG "D" DADS: THE DALTONS NOVEL When Jade Dalton escapes a ruthless kidnapper on the trail of a multimillion-dollar necklace, she flees to the one place no one will find her: her estranged father's Texas ranch. Booker Knox is also on his way to Dry Gulch. After a potentially dangerous situation thrusts her into his arms, the navy SEAL appoints himself Jade's personal bodyguard. It isn't every day Booker finds himself being kissed by a gorgeous stranger. Except Jade's a fugitive from justice who's also being hunted by a determined killer. Now Booker will do whatever it takes to protect the beautiful big-city event planner. Failure isn't an option. Neither is walking away when this is all over.

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