Silicone Paste – Waterproof Dielectric Grease (8 Oz.) – Made in USA

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The highest quality dielectric grease available, our silicone-based compound meets or exceeds the standards of other similar products, including 3M, Permatex, Super Lube and Danco. Stable consistency from -55 to 570 F, chemical resistant with extremely low volatility. With a variety of auto uses, this is an essential grease to have around when doing work on your car. For general purposes, the grease is excellent for lubricating the threads of bolts & screws that thread into plastic such as. It can be used to lubricate O-rings, rubber hoses, weather-stripping, rubber chassis & steering bushings, rubber grommets, rubber & plastic hole plugs, seat tracks, window tracks & window regulator mechanisms. Useful for eliminating squeaks in instrument panels caused by plastic-to-plastic contact. Cover battery terminals with the paste to protect them from corrosion. Use to seal electrical connections from moisture and corrosion on vehicles without weather protective connectors. Use to lubricate tight fitting plastic & rubber parts during re-assembly. For engines, it can be used on ignition parts, distributor cam lobes, spark plug wire terminals, distributor cap terminals, distributor rotor tips and heat-sink membranes. For bulb bases, including tail lights, turn lights, marker lights, stop lights, convenience lights, and trailer lights. For brakes, it serves as a general purpose lubricant for metal-to-rubber applications, caliper guide pins, outer caliper seals, and outer wheel cylinder seals. Meets MIL-S-8660C specifications. NSF H-1 Registered (No. 122830) and KOSHER Approved. PLEASE NOTE: The applicator brush is pre-bent. The color will be anywhere from clear to slightly milky-white. When quality matters, choose Mission Automotive Silicone Paste!

Technical Details

  • Thick and long lasting waterproof synthetic silicone lubricant (lube) which prevents oxidation, inhibits corrosion and seals out contaminants such as salt and dirt; non-melting with a stable consistency from -55 to 570 F
  • Perfect for a variety of automotive, electrical and marine uses and compatible with a variety of materials, including metal, rubber and plastic; prevents voltage leaks around electrical connections
  • Most common uses include changing spark plugs, lubricating brake caliper pins, lubricating and preserving rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, weatherstripping, rubber boots, etc., and fixing sluggish car windows
  • Applicator brush attached inside lid at an angle; product will be clear/transparent/translucent to slightly milky-white PLEASE NOTE: Applicator brush intentionally bent to maximize reach to bottom edges of jar
  • Proudly made in the USA!

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