Simplemente Lo Mejor


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CD + DVD Ricardo Arjona's 2008 album, Simplemente Lo Mejor, is a must-have greatest hits release that captures, as its name tell-tales, the greatest moments of Arjonas's prolific career, showcasing his most successful songs and influential videos. Featuring unforgettable, chart-topping hits like Mujeres, Cuando, Primera Vez, Quien Dir¡a, Se¤ora De Las Cuatro D‚cadas, Historia De Taxi, Te Conozco, Desnuda, the TV soap soundtrack A Cara O Cruz and the controversial Jes£s, Verbo No Sustantivo, among others. The Guatemalan singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona is one of the most respected Latin artists for his unique lyrics depicting everayday life and social concerns in a context that everyone can relate.

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