Sky Blue Hemp Acupressure Massage Mat with carry-bag


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

SPOONK is the leading acupressure massage mat brand sold in fine Health Food stores, including WHOLE FOODS markets throughout the USA AND CANADA. - ECO FOAM FILLING - MADE IN THE USA Spoonk mats have the OPTIMAL NUMBER of 6200 stimulation points FOR THE HIGHEST EFFECT (more spikes decrease the effect by lowering pressure). - 5 YEAR WARRANTY - 30-day money back guarantee STIMULATION POINTS are made with high quality NON-TOXIC ABS PLASTIC that will not cause allergic reactions, as some cheaper mats on the market do. - 100% high quality thick cotton/ eco foam made in USA as a LESS EXPENSIVE OPTION

Technical Details

  • Leading Brand- Sold in Whole Foods across North America!
  • 100% Organic hemp/cotton blend and plant-based Eco Foam
  • Improve circulation, Boost energy, Relieve back, neck, hip and joint pain, Induce deeper sleep, Relieve muscle tension
  • Spoonk Mat - Acupressure Massage - Best personal Stress Management Product. Sustainable
  • 5 year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee

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