Sleep CD for Insomnia Relief – Guitar Music for Relaxation – Helps You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep – Music for Deep Sleep

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ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP? Do you lie in bed for hours with your thoughts racing? The music on this CD will help. Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master's degree in psychology, has developed this music specifically to help bring you into a deep, restful sleep. These instrumental guitar compositions are based on the most recent research that shows the positive effects of music on insomnia. Studies published in respected medical journals have shown that music can help in improving sleep quality of patients with sleep disorders. This evidence-based music program for insomnia will help you relax, calm your mind, fall asleep and stay asleep. This CD includes: 1. A guided relaxation track that helps relax your body and calm your mind. 2. A serene ocean track that continues throughout the entire CD and between tracks so there aren't any breaks or silence between songs. 3. All of the tracks are played at the rhythm of the resting heart rate. Click the orange "add to cart" button. Please note that this CD includes a guided relaxation track and is a re-mixed and re-masted version of Ryan Judd's "We Dream" Album

Technical Details

  • THE BEST SLEEP MUSIC since all of these relaxing tracks are at the rhythm of the resting heart rate and provide natural insomnia relief
  • RELAX YOUR BODY AND CALM YOUR MIND with this sleep cd that includes a guided relaxation track
  • A CALMING OCEAN TRACK LULLS YOU TO SLEEP and continues throughout the entire CD, even between tracks, so there is no break or silence between songs
  • Composed and recorded by a BOARD CERTIFIED MUSIC THERAPIST

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