SmartCat Sky Climber


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as of 05/16/2022 (Details)

Cats love vertical territory - the higher the better. It gives them a feeling of security and mastery over their environment. The Sky Climber allows the cat to jump to an acceptable resting perch where it can nap or just survey the home territory. All cats love high places, but it is especially important that multi-cat families provide a number of wall perches. This allows the cats to space themselves throughout the home. This will also help to reduce territorial disputes and promote harmony in the cat family. The perches are easily mounted on the wall. You decide where these kitty masterpieces will be showcased on your walls. The sky’s the limit.

Technical Details

  • Provides Vertical Territory, Essential for the well being and happiness of indoor cats
  • Durable sisal inspires scratching
  • Elevated platform promotes healthy jumping and stretching
  • Attaches quickly and securely at any level that suits your cats leaping ability

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