SNO PRO by Sno Brum Snow Removal Tool with 48″ Handle–Clear snow off of cars, trucks, and other vehicles quickly without scratching paint or damaging accessories– 2pk


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as of 12/04/2021 (Details)

Goodbye Summer and Fall. Hello Winter. Imagine this. You manage a car dealership or a freight or logistics company. Your business depends on your vehicles being seen or getting on the road. It has snowed, again. Thick, heavy, wet snow and guess what? Your vehicles are covered in a white, snowy blanket. Sound familiar? Do you wish you had a magic wand to clear the vehicles of snow so that you can get on with business? Sure. Unfortunately, we don't make magic wands. But we do make the SnoPro and they are designed to work magic in exactly this situation. The SnoPro will dig you out and clear the snow, fast. The push-broom design quickly removes inches of snow from car roofs, hoods, trunks, windows and windshields. Don't spend more time outside in the cold than you need to, this tool helps you to clear multiple vehicles in a fraction of the time. It is lightweight making the job easier and won't cause damage to your vehicle or it's antennae or accessories. The black pole handle extends up to 48" for extended reach, allowing you to sweep all parts of small to mid-sized cars, SUVs, trucks and other automotive vehicles. It also works great for awnings, pool or hot tub covers and even solar panels. Don't worry about the snowbroom scratching, marking or scuffing your vehicle paint or finish. The non-abrasive, Polyethylene foam head is delicate on all surfaces and the metal plates are recessed in the foam so that they don't come into contact with the snowy surface. The foam head is wide, measuring 17" x 6" for maximum results. When you're finished with the snowbrush, the collapsible handle stores discretely for when you need it again. Purchase a SnoPro and be prepared for the next snow storm, so that you can get on with business.

Technical Details

  • PUSH SNOW AWAY FAST - The SnoPro clears and removes heavy snow from the roof, hood, trunk, window / windshield of cars, trucks, minivans, trailers and more - it even works for hot tubs and awnings
  • BE PREPARED - clear multiple vehicles quickly after a snowstorm, perfect for car dealerships and industrial truck / delivery companies. Lightweight to avoid costly damage to antennae and accessories
  • NON-ABRASIVE SNOW REMOVAL - the SnoPro won't scratch or scuff the vehicle's paint. The crosslinked, high-grade Polyethylene foam head is approved Class A finishes
  • PUSH-BROOM DESIGN - the telescoping gray rolled steel handle has a reach of 48", ideal for small to large sized vehicles. The Sno Pro is pain-free to use, a broom push motion clears snow effortlessly
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - made and assembled in America using high-grade, durable materials that you can trust to not let you down. The telescopic handle collapses easily for compact, discrete storage

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