SNOBRUM – The Original Snow Broom and Snow Remover for Cars and Trucks, 2 Pack – 28″ Extendable Handle, Push-Broom Design – Safe Winter Snow Removal for Your Vehicle Without Paint Scratching


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as of 04/13/2021 (Details)

Goodbye Summer and Fall. Hello Winter. Imagine this. You look out of your icy window on a cold, dark, wintery morning. It has snowed, again. Thick, heavy, wet snow and guess what? Your car is covered in a white, snowy blanket. Sound familiar? Do you wish you had a magic wand to clear your car of snow so that you won't be late for work or the school run? Sure. Unfortunately, we don't make magic wands. But we do make the SnoBrum and it's designed to work magic in exactly this situation. The SnoBrum will dig you out and clear the snow, fast. It's the original automotive snow remover tool and it works, really well. The push-broom design quickly removes inches of snow from your car roof, hood, trunk, windows and windshield so that you can safely get to where you need to be. Don't spend more time outside in the cold than you need to. The SnoBrum does it all. The blue pole handle measures 17" and extends up to 28" for plenty of reach, allowing you to sweep all parts of small to mid-sized cars, SUVs, trucks and other automotive vehicles. It also works great for awnings, your pool or hot tub cover and even solar panels. Don't worry about the snowbroom scratching, marking or scuffing your vehicle paint or finish. The non-abrasive, Polyethylene foam head is delicate on all surfaces and the metal plates are recessed in the foam so that they don't come into contact with the snowy surface. The foam head is wide, measuring 17" x 6" for maximum results. When you're finished with the snowbrush, the collapsible handle stores discretely for when you need it again. The SnoBrum is not a cheap imitator. Of all snowbrushes, it's the original and is proudly made in the USA with durable materials that won't let you down. Don't risk driving with a snow covered car. Tell your loved ones about SnoBrum or better yet, order multiple brooms so you and your family are prepared for the next snowstorm.

Technical Details

  • PUSH SNOW AWAY FAST - The SnowBrum is the original winter tool for removing heavy snow from the roof, hood, trunk, windows and windshield of your car, helping you to get on with your day. Includes 2 SnoBrums
  • START YOUR DAY THE RIGHT WAY - don't risk being late for work or driving with a snow covered vehicle in sub-zero temperatures - be safe and sweep off the heaviest snow in minutes. The ultimate in car winter accessories
  • SAFE SNOW REMOVAL - the SnowBrum won't scratch or scuff your vehicle's paint. The foam snow brush has a crosslinked, high-grade Polyethylene foam head that is approved for delicate surfaces - it's great for awning, pool and hot tub covers too
  • PUSH-BROOM DESIGN - the telescoping blue handle has a reach of 17" to 28" to help you reach all parts of small and medium sized vehicles. A snow pusher, use a broom push motion to clear snow effortlessly
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - made and assembled in America using high-grade, durable materials that you can trust to not let you down. The telescoping handle collapses easily for compact, discrete storage in your trunk or garage

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