Sony MZ-N505S Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder (Silver)


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as of 01/16/2022 (Details)

Sony's MZ-N505S high-speed Net MD Walkman player/recorder records MP3s or audio CDs directly to minidiscs at up to 32x speed using a USB connection. Now, affordable minidisc media can store more than five hours of music per standard 80-minute minidisc. A single AA battery provides up to 56 hours of playback (in LP4 mode), and the player's easy-skip group/folder function lets you navigate minidiscs with ease. In addition, this recorder supports multiple Internet audio formats, including MP3 and WMA, and enables ATRAC3 playback. ATRAC (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) is the data-compression scheme developed for minidisc, and ATRAC3--the format used by Sony's Memory Stick--offers even greater compression while maintaining near-CD quality. The Net MD Simple Burner QuickRip CD-dubbing application facilitates fast transfer of CDs to minidisc without the need to store files on a hard drive as an interim step. Simply launch the application and select the tracks you want to transfer to the player. (Actual transfer speed depends on your PC.) The player records in standard mode for the richest sound quality or two different long-play modes for the most effective use of space. The bundled OpenMG Jukebox management software supports secure music downloads (including tracks from, organizes playlists, and titles tracks. As with all minidisc products, this Net MD player records from various sources and offers flexible audio editing tools. Minidisc media is affordable, durable, and re-recordable up to a million times without degradation. Sony's ultra skip-free G-Protection technology reduces or eliminates skipping for active users who want uninterrupted music. The package includes OpenMG Jukebox software, QuickRip CD-dubbing application, one blank 80-minute minidisc, headphones, and a USB connecting cable. Net MD Walkman players are compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me, and XP operating systems.

Technical Details

  • Record MP3s or CDs at up to 32x speed on affordable MD media for over 5 hours of music per standard 80-minute disc
  • Up to 56 hours of playback 1 AA battery
  • Easy Skip group/folder navigation in player; plays ATRAC3, MP3, WMA, and WAV files
  • Sony's ATRAC3 DSP encoder improves audio quality in high frequencies over previous MD compression schemes
  • Music-management software ensures seamless file transfers to and from your hard drive; multi-speed transfers via USB port

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