Sound Effects: Sports, Laughs and Applause

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TOTAL RECORDING has over 40 recordings of Sound Effects, probably the largest and newest single library available in the world. We are continually updating our catalogue and are currently releasing a new album every month. The library has been assembled in cooperation with the finest sound effects people in the world, many of whom actively work in production for TV, film and radio. This has allowed us to come up with the very high quality recording you will find on this record. We categorized the library into the standard arrangement so familiar to sound effects personnel throughout the world, rather than a variety on each disc. This not only minimized the time spent locating a particular sound but also provides a base upon which a larger library can be built. Sound Effects break down into two basic categories, the "where and when" sounds and the "how and why" sounds. This library will give a good cross section of these sounds allowing for ease of production. Also where possible we have isolated particular sounds from their ambient background to increase their usefulness, in some cases this has been impossible so it is up to the sound effects person to blem them into their background curtain effects. However, this should pose as no great problem as the ambience is low enough to allow for this blending effect. Playing back some sounds as a lower level, slower of faster speeds will give a different effect for an interesting change. We hope you enjoy using this library. -Ralph Harding, Producer

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