Sound Magic China Impression Oriental Virtual Instrument Collection


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as of 01/27/2023 (Details)

China Impression is a bundle of Chinese traditional instruments. It includes China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu. These 3 instruments can help musician to bring Classical Asian/Chinese flavor into their music. China Story Erhu features Erhu, which is also regarded as Chinese Violin. This instrument is the main string instrument used in traditional Chinese music and you can hear it nearly in every Hollywood movie which has Chinese elements. Laurel Pipa features Pipa, which is also called Chinese lute. In traditional Chinese music, Pipa plays the same role as guitar. Bamboo Dreams Bawu features Bawu, which is a woodwind instrument. China Impression bundle is provided as VST/AU plug-in on PC and Mac, or sample libraries running under Kontakt 5.

Technical Details

  • High Quality 24 Bit/96 KHz Samples.
  • China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu in one bundle
  • Key Switch, Mod switch different groups of samples
  • Multi Layer Velocity Sample provides realistic experience
  • VST/AU/Kontakt 5 Format

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