Sound Magic Hybrid Harpsichord Virtual Instrument Software


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as of 02/27/2024 (Details)

The Hybrid Harpsichord is based on an instrument built by Kirckman in the 1770s. This rare-seen classic instrument has a single manual with 3 stops, including a lute stop. The Krickman Harpsichord is famous for its unique, high quality sound and although this particular instrument is over 240 years old, it's in surprisingly excellent condition. To make this wonderful instrument available to all musicians, we did careful sampling and used our Sound Magic Award-Winning Hybrid Modeling Technology to bring it to life once again. During the recording session, we use several acclaimed Brauner VMA microphones, which nowadays are considered to be the best microphones available for this sort of job. We also used API preamps and dCS's Analog to Digital Converters to record it. Sound Magic Award-Winning Hybrid Modeling Technology offers both the authentic sound of sampling and the playability of Physical Modeling. The Hybrid Harpsichord provides you with everything you need for a great sounding harpsichord suitable for many different styles of sound. Its NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine reshapes every note to ensure that each successive note sounds slightly different. Although by its very nature the original harpsichord is not sensitive to dynamic changes, Sound Magic has included an optional dynamic response system if you want to add something a little different to your instrument. Accents and crescendos on a harpsichord might have been unheard of in the 1770's, but it might be exactly what you're looking for! Sound Magic has made it easy and convenient to control the 3 stops by using three key switches. Perfect for on-the-go changes! Hybrid Harpsichord is provided as VST/AU plug-in on PC and Mac, or standalone under Microsoft Windows

Technical Details

  • Industrial Best NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine
  • Key Switch between different Stops
  • Built in Professional Reverb Effect
  • VST/AU plug-in and standalone under Microsoft Windows

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