SoxsolS Antislip Cotton Flat Insert For Sockless Shoes Machine Washable Dryer Safe For Women Brown Size US 8 Euro 39


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as of 05/24/2022 (Details)

GIVE LUXURY TO YOUR FEET with SoxsolS Narrow Cut especially in your nice ballet or dress flats. Unlike ultra low cut socks these don't have a heel to slip off or a uncomfortable band around the heel or forefoot, yet provide a cushioning, freshly clean layer under your sole. End the slimy feeling beneath your feet and wash the grime awayREDUCE SMELL which comes from acids from symbiotic bacteria on our feet, and from perspiration seeping into the footbed. Most of this occurs below the sole of the foot. SoxsolS capture that liquid before it becomes a problem and the acids and perspiration are removed by laundering just like socks and your other garments. Can be air dried and are machine dryer safe.UPPER MADE OF WOOL or COTTON Available with thick Cotton French Terry or Melton Wool. Both fabrics are quite durable and premium quality. The cotton is sourced in the USA and the cotton product is a completely made in USA product.LOWER MADE OF SILICONE RUBBER. Proprietary blend covers the entire surface of the fabric. No ribs to feel for maximum comfort, and prevents foot slipping in the shoe. This technology allows a fabric to releasably hold to the footbed while you go about your day. Silicone rubber layer prevents odor carrying liquids from seeping deeper into the shoe.FOR NARROW SHOES AND SANDALS. Customizable because every shoe is slightly different. Try in ballet flats, dress flats, heels, ladies Converse All-Stars, Vans and Sperry's boat shoes. Try our wide cut product for comfort shoes as well as for men.LASTS Expect to last about as long as a pair of socks. No sewn or adhesive bonds to fall apart. There may be some temporary edge fraying which can cleaned up quickly with a pair of scissors.RELEASEABLY ADHERES Grips while in use. May slip prematurely in worn shoes and this is a good thing since the tacky rubber is grabbing dirt and grime from the footbed which wash away with laundering.Satisfaction Guaranteed

Technical Details

  • CLEAN IN REGULAR LAUNDRY. Absorbs the odors from perspiration and acids and simply wash in laundry.
  • STICKS IN SANDALS.Special bottom material releasably adheres to most footbeds, laundering recharges.
  • ADD COMFORT. Add additional plush warmth layers in winter and absorbance and breathing in summer.
  • DURABLE.Strong bond of proprietary tacky silicone rubber layer to durable fabric layer lasts years.
  • ABSORBENT.Thick lush fabric absorbs a good amount of perspiration creating comfort for sweaty feet.

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