Spanish Reader For Beginners II: Spanish Short Stories (Spanish Reader For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students) (Volume 2) (Spanish Edition)

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Spanish Reader for Beginners II intended for Spanish language learners who desire to review Grammatical Structures (while reading stories) that often require extensive work, such as Regular and Irregular verbs in The Past and Past Imperfect Tenses. Spanish Reader for Beginners II is the third book of the series of short stories in Spanish: Spanish Readers for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students: A collection of short stories in Spanish from Latin America, written with Spanish Grammar in mind.This vast collection of short stories for independent students is a unique creation Iris Acevedo A. author and founder of CostaRica SpanishOnline, the first online Spanish school in Costa Rica to provide Online Spanish courses via Skype to independent learners. Each volume, from Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary  to Spanish Reader for Advanced III, provides unique short stories that keep you guessing until you reach the end: an unusual twist. We guarantee that you will find a unique blend of culture in Latin America, modern and traditional lifestyles, transitional phrases, grammar structures adequate for each particular level as well as entertainment and increasing practice of grammatical structures required in order to achieve full understanding and fluency in Spanish. In addition to our Spanish Readers, you may find a collection of Spanish dialogues in our series: Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Students, with information that you will find extremely useful while you learn question structure. Available in two formats: kindle eBook and paperback.Please note that this is not a Grammar Exercise textbook or a Travel Guide.Iris Acevedo A.Author/

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