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Special Effects Collection (BD) p {margin:.5em 0 .5em 0} SPECIAL EFFECTS COLLECTION - 4 Landmark Monster Classics, NEW TO Blu-ray™, in One Collection! SON OF KONG: The filmmakers who created King Kong kept the excitement going in this sequel featuring Kong's son, a 12-footer with a winning personality and awesome strength. MIGHTY JOE YOUNG: The team behind King Kong reunited to deliver tongue-in-cheek jokes and a smaller simian...but Oscar®-winning effects that were just as Kong-sized. THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS: Spawning an era of atomic-age creature features, this screen adaptation of Ray Bradbury's work features Ray Harryhausen's first time wielding total control over special effects. THEM!: A landmark movie about giant radiation-mutated ants with Oscar®-nominated effects and an epic struggle in the drains beneath Los Angeles, Them! only gets better with age.]]>

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