SpeedoKote SMR-700A/705 – Professional Headlight Restoration Aerosol Kit, UV Cure coating, SMR-700A/705, Enough to restore 12 car’s headlights to new condition


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SMR-700A, uv cure headlight coating is for professional use. Restore automotive headlights with a real uv cure coating, not a wax which will come off a month later. This sale is for a 12 ounce aerosol can of SMR-700A, UV cure headlight coating, and a 19 ounce aerosol can of SMR-705, sanding/cleaning solution. Directions: Use product at 65+ degrees F and warm headlights (turn them on) before use. 1. Clean headlight with SMR-705. 2. Mask around headlight. 3. Sand headlight with 400 grit paper until all oxidation and old coating is removed. You may use SMR-705 while sanding. 4. Clean with SMR-705 and check if old coating and oxidation is gone, repeat #3 if needed. 5. Final sand with 800 grit paper to remove all the 400 grit sand scratches. 6. Clean with SMR-705 and dry with lint free rag. 7. Apply SMR-700A using very light cross mist coats until headlight is uniformly glossy (No Dry Areas). 8. Allow 2 minutes of flash time before curing with direct sunlight or a UVA lamp. 9. Sunlight at 70+ degrees F takes about 15 minutes to cure the coating. *Note: Our application method has been changed since shooting our youtube video.

Technical Details

  • Restore automotive headlights with a real uv cure coating
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  • Increase night-time visibility
  • UV Resistant for excellent weathering
  • Scratch and Chemical resistant

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