Sprint ICC ID Nano SIM Card for iPhone 5 SIMGLW406R


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as of 04/18/2021 (Details)

Sprint and unlocked Verizon iphone 5 ONLY (not 5s or 5c)! Both must be for Sprint postpaid network. Not prepaid. Not boost. No virgin. Postpaid only! No GSM (tmobile, AT&T and their MVNO) iPhone phones. Brand new! No refunds on shipping. 20% restocking fee on returns. No returns on activated SIM cards. SIM card numbers are recorded. All lost shipments will require police report prior to reimbursement. All lost damaged shipments will require the confiscation of package by USPS. In both cases, SIM card will be deactivated immediately. No exceptions.

Technical Details

  • For use on the Sprint Network
  • Works with Apple iPhone 5
  • Will NOT work with Apple iPhone 5s or 5c
  • Will work with Sprint MVNO carriers such as ExpoMobile, FreedomPOP, & Ting

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