SSL LOPRO8 Amplified Subwoofer System 8-inch 600-watt


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as of 01/27/2022 (Details)

Sound Storm Laboratories has developed the perfect solution for attaining low frequency response when there is little availability of space. The LoPro8 is a one-stop shop for bass. This 8" low profile amplified subwoofer box will fit under many car seats or on the back wall of pick-ups. If you are in a tight spot, SSL's LoPro series has your solution. This unit is equipped with RCA low level inputs, high level inputs, and a remote subwoofer level control. It also has thermal, short and overload protection circuits, low pass and subsonic filters, and a soft-delay remote turn-on. From Chevy Luvs to Lamborghinis, the LoPro8 (and LoPro10, the 10" version) will have you swimming in bass. This is further proof that SSL is a leader in mobile communications, and…everything else is just noise.

Technical Details

  • Remote Subwoofer Level Control
  • RCA Low Level Inputs
  • Subsonic Filter (20-50Hz)
  • Low Pass Filter (20-150Hz)
  • Soft-Delay Remote Turn On

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